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bergenhus brewery

Our Micro Brewery is the first starting in Bergen within the last 135 years. Last was the Consul Peter Jebsen who met with the magistrate and brought into the independent factory company "Bergens Aktiebryggeri" in the year 1879. O.F. Hald took quickly brewery under his own name - Experience our own micro brewery in the middle of the restaurant! Our brewer Gareth Stewart follows seasons and trends and ensures that the cranes are never empty.

Gareth James Stewart, as our brewery Master. He received his training from Versuch und Lehranstalt fur Brauerie - Berlin. All our beers are selected together with the Chef, so that the drink hit the traditional Germanic menu. The chef has also adopted beer in food production.

We recreate thus a tradition in the city with regards to its history, while we are respectful to today's demands for locally produced food and drink.PP

Brewery Tour: Surely beer is nice to drink. But do you want to learn more? We offer brewery tours / beer tasting for groups over 10 people. You get an introduction about ingredients and history, and learn how we brew our own beer. And then we of course taste our inhouse brew. The tour of the micro brewery is a social and educational experience, and no prior knowledge required. Send your request to

The tour may well be taken before or after a meal with good beer in the restaurant. See you!

Milling: Cracking of the grains to access starch reserves needed for fermentation.

Mashing: Soaking of the cracked grains in hot water to extract the starches and convert them to sugars

Lautering: Separating the solids from the sugary liquid (wort)

Boiling: Heating the wort for flavour and sterilisation purposes, this is when hops are added.

Cooling: Rapid temperature drop to ~20°C allows yeast to be safely added.

Fermentation: The process where the yeast transforms sugar into alcohol and CO2.

Conditioning: Where the beer is now left to mature and carbonate.Packaging: Where the finished product is made easier for distribution.

Our inhouse brews