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OUR story

At the 3rd floor in Zachariasbryggen you will find a venue with lovely views towards the Food Hall, the harbor and the Market in Bergen.
Impress a friend, family or a business connection with good food and the best views of the harbor's brewery site.

Our Micro Brewery is the first brewery starting in Bergen for the last 135 years. Originally Consul Peter Jebsen met with the magistrate and brought the manufacturing factory company "Bergens Aktiebryggeri" in the year 1879.
O.F. Hald quickly took  the brewery under his own name. This was a great tradition where Hanseatic city of Bergen exported dried fish to hungry Catholics on the continent and in the south so they got fixed meal, and where we got grain bread and brew back. For a whole year we have worked to build and initiate "brewery", on the third floor of Zachariasbryggen.

Gareth James Stewart, as our brewery Master. He received his training from Versuch und Lehranstalt fur Brauerie - Berlin. All beers we produce are selected together with the Chef, so that the drink hit the traditional Germanic menu. The chef has also adopted beer in food production. We recreate thus a tradition in the city in care to its history, while we are a response to today's demands for locally produced food and drinks.